Pageok given by puppet instead of subdomain files hosted on godaddy

Pageok given by puppet instead of subdomain files hosted on godaddy

I'm managing the e-commerce web site for a mercantile establishment in l. a. , and use a subdomain hosted on GoDaddy as a fileserver to enhance our on-line Webstore CMS, that will not take giant files (and honestly is AN obsolete and cumbersome system for managing files, however it's connected to our purpose of sale system, that the word on high is to create it work).

The trouble is that every week or 2 agone, stopped serving files publically. Instead, is jam-packed with broken image links. tries to load any hypertext markup language files that exist within the root or to follow image urls makes the browser load a white page that says pageok with the subsequent supply code:
<!-- pageok -->
<!-- managed by puppet -->

FileZilla has no drawback accessing these files with my ftp credentials, however browsers cannot get wise.

While researching a solution, I saw somebody World Health Organization might need had an equivalent drawback was mentioned Server Fault, however I found no queries underneath "pageok". I sought for general subdomain problems with goDaddy and located this text,

so i attempted to check our set-ups to work out if it is a drawback with the DNS, however i am in over my head, perhaps.

GoDaddy says nameservers are:

@ (Informational) (Informational)
@ (Informational) (Informational)

In this context, what will "informational" indicate? different DNS info:

For my a records, "*" and "@" map to
"blog", "files", and "livechat" map to fifty.63.45.1, wherever you'll be able to see the pageok error.

I have the subsequent cname records: